Marketing and Events specialist in So. MD promoting my book


My Name is Butterfly

Greetings insectamonarca friends,

Lynda Ireland, Marketing and Events volunteer has sent out 101 post cards, to businesses and schools in St. Mary’s and Calvert County, recommending that they purchase a copy of My Name is Butterfly.


At present we have no way of tracking a cost benefit analysis. The only thing I can suggest to the publisher, Salt of the Earth Press, is to track sales on Amazon. If book is being shipped to So. MD then perhaps we will be able to track sales and know if this marketing technique is worth the cost.

If you are an ¬†author, illustrator, graphic artist or publisher do you have any suggestions as to how to market a Children’s illustrated book? The charming book is about a girl in her garden who discovers a monarch butterfly chrysalis and learns about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly.

At present, the author is advertising and marketing on Facebook, education and environment categories.

Let’s put our heads together and launch a buzzing conversation that may help other authors also.



Publisher creates a Blog Salt of the Earth Press

I am delighted that Salt of the Earth Press started a Blog on WordPress. My book is listed on the site and hopefully it will drive traffic to sales. The wonderful news is that My Name is Butterfly only costs $12.98 and FREE SHIPPING is offered on orders over $25 on Amazon. Perfect book gift for Christmas. This is a charming book of a girl in her garden. She discovers a monarch caterpillar in the garden and learns about the live cycle of the butterfly.

My Name is Butterfly

My Name is Butterfly published by Salt of the Earth Press.

A start on a long range project

I am trying to create a blog for my writing. I have manuscripts, essays and an anthology that needs to be seen by a reading public. I thought perhaps I could create a Blog that would be seen by those interested. At 66 years old, I don’t have time to go through the hoops to get the other writing projects out there.

I am a published author. My first book is a children’s book entitled My Name is Butterfly. The illustrations are the artwork of Stevie Marie Aubuchon-Mendoza and the book was published by Salt of the Earth Press in 2011.