The Atmosphere of Writing

Building the publishing spiderweb.



The act of reading allows a person’s soul to escape under any number of spheres. There is the sphere of setting, the sphere of tone, and the atmosphere. Characters and events are flavored by these things, and you can call those spheres if you like. However, the base of any story, fiction or non-fiction, is based around the former three categories.

I think setting and tone are more self-explanatory than the atmosphere. The atmosphere, to me, is what readers can best remember—if the atmosphere is truly memorable. When I say atmosphere, I suppose I mean the mentality we readers are walked through (or thrust into, or subtly caged by, or even kidnapped blindly and set whirling at the release of our proverbial blindfolds). The setting and tone of a work obviously contributes to mentality, but the atmosphere is even more intangible than the tone, which may be explained by…

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