Father Keith Mason wins Editor’s Choice Award

Father Keith Mason was awarded a prestigious Editor’s Choice Award for his poem, “The Cars Rush By.”  The International Library of Poetry reported that the poem displayed a unique perspective and original creativity – judged to be the qualities most found in exceptional poetry.

Father Keith Mason

Father Keith Mason

The Award was presented to Father Keith in October 2004.

Father Keith and I attend the  weekly Joy of Writing group,  in Fitchburg, MA, on Tuesday, at 12:30 p.m., at Fitchburg Senior Center. Father Keith gave me permission to publish his poem and share with Butterfly Woman Publishing followers and friends.

The Cars Rush By …

(A meditative poem-prayer)

Early morning, in a small suburban city,
off to work and play: the cars rush by on the street,
outside, as I kneel to pray and sit to meditate
in a building called, “the Church.”

On the street, a few feet away, a car – – –
“My GOD, I feel your presence . . .  My GOD . . .
A car – – – SWOOSH!

The cars rush by. I think, I meditate,
“Yes Father, Holy Father GOD,
this building, ‘the Church,’ is truly your house,
a place to worship, prayer ad Christian love.”

The cars rush by. “My GOD, if for one moment
I thought . . . you are HERE only,
I could not live or even breathe!”

The cars rush by. “Yes, Father GOD, you are here
AND out there, on the street, in every car!
Your crowning glory is not the buildings, or the cars,
but the people in them!”

The cars rush by. I pray, I meditate.

Father Keith W. Mason

     Published previously in the International Devotional Booklet, FORWARD Day by Day, by the Forward Movement Publications, Cincinnati, Ohio, Lent-Easter, 1971 A.D.


2 thoughts on “Father Keith Mason wins Editor’s Choice Award

  1. There was a message about Whalom History not sure how I saw it. Just want to pass on a bit of Whalom History. In about 1970 there was a multi alarm fire at the west end of the park on a Saturday late after noon. My father and one other fire fighter from Lunenburg were injured in that fire. A wall feel on them. My dad was taken to Burbank Hospitial with the other fire fighter and was there about 2 weeks. He was home a few more weeks be fore he returned to work as a teacher in Fitchburg.

    • Dear Bruce,

      Thank you so much for your compassionate touching memory. I felt about you as a young person and having a parent hurt like this. Your father was very brave to endure this painful injury. I will pass on your comments to Father Keith Mason whom I wrote about and his short essay called Father Keith Mason wins Editor’s Choice Award. He has known tragedy in his life. His brother couldn’t swim and yet when his ship was sunk in the war, he helped other sailors to safety. He died heroically. I remember Father Keith crying when he read the story. Bless you and all your precious memories.

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