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Gladys Roldan-de-Moras copyright Cindy Dyer

Gladys Roldan-de-Moras copyright Cindy Dyer

Published March 2013 atathttp://cindydyer.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/celebrate-home-winter-2013.pdf I contributed a short article on What home means to me.

Home means sacred space

to me, a place where I can

tune into my inner self and fill

space around me with beauty

and love. I have always been

intrigued by small habitats.

As a child, I wanted to live in

a tree house; I still do. I marvel

at small spaces and am attracted to Japanese small apartment designs. Home means

I am sustainably living a

greener life. A smaller space—

360 sq. ft.—requires less

energy. My building is

located in a park.

The park has a community

garden for residents. This year

I will have my very own raised

bed to maintain. Gardens testify

to green living. I will be raising

pollinator flowers for butterfly

and native bees and culinary

herbs. Home means that I will

make the world around me a

better place for pollinators

and health. The medicine is

in the herbs.

Home means having

adequate workspace for a

computer, printer and copier for

my home office. Home means

having abundant natural light

and open space for Tai chi and

Yoga practice. There is a small

area for resting/sleeping and

viewing TV. I don’t do well

with lounging. I chose a small

woman’s wing back chair and

accompanying oak straight

back chair, with room enough

to practice floor exercises.

My ninth floor suite has

large eight-foot windows,

facing west. The windows

provide a spectacular changing four season landscape.

Home means I can touch the

sky and stars, even though

I am inside. Outside the

window, mighty oaks keep

me company with their

seasonal foliage changes.

At long last, I am free. I am

home and finally living in

my tree house.

—Mary Ellen Ryall

Winter sunset Fitchburg
Winter sunset Fitchburg

Blog/Radio talk on Pollinators

Listen to Mary Ellen Ryall’s  talk about pollinators and more with Annie Lindstrom on Blog/Radio at Talkupy at http://tobtr.com/s/4437119

Fat Bumble DSCF4599 5x7 copyright Cindy Dyer

Fat Bumble DSCF4599 5×7 copyright Cindy Dyer

Photo of wild bergamot and western sunflower with beloved bumblebee copyright Cindy Dyer

Tune into Blog/Radio Talkupy for a talk on butterflies with Mary Ellen Ryall

Monarch butterflies are being hit on all sides these days. Loss of habitat, climate change andnatural disasters are taking their toll on these and other beautiful pollinators. Thankfully, there are people watching out for them. Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes Mary Ellen Ryall, retiring Executive Director of Happy Tonics Inc., to the show on Tuesday, Feb. 26 at 11 a.m. Eastern Time. Mary Ellen is passionate about helping people learn how to create pollinator corridors in their own backyards. She will discuss the work she did at Happy Tonics’ teaching garden in Shell Lake, WI and her books on Monarchs. She also will talk about the wild butterflyand solitary bee nesting habitat she is creating in Fitchburg, MA. For more information, visit Mary Ellen’s Facebook page. For an expanded slide show go to Talkupy.netImage 

Celebrate Home Magazine

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Gladys Roldan-de-Moras copyright Cindy Dyer

Gladys Roldan-de-Moras copyright Cindy Dyer

Celebrate HOME Magazine is edited by Barbara Kelly, Editor-In-Chief,  Design and photography is by Cindy Dyer, Graphic Designer. Recently,  I had the pleasure of writing a small article on what home means to me, which was recently published in the winter 2013 issue. Enjoy the articles and photography featuring The Artist Gladys Roldan-de-Mores,.articles and photographs on home interior decorating, cooking, gardens, recipes,pets, collecting and more.

I have been asked to write a gardening article on a native Wild Butterfly Habitat in the next issue for spring. I am implementing the new habitat on familyImage land in Fitchburg, MA.

Keep checking back for more to come.  .

Researching insects

Carrion beetleJuly 14, 2013.

Steve Lindell wrote to let me know he suspected that the first insect was not a carrion bug. He is right.

I looked at Kaufman Field Guide to Nature of New England to identify. Turns out the bug, on Shasta daisy,  is a large milkweed bug. The camouflage has striking colors of red and black, indicating that it might be a predator and for other insects and birds to stay away. 


If you know the names Latin and common, please respond. Citizen scientists need assistance from professional entomologists, biologists and other citizen scientists. I will be happy to share credit with those who help me identify species.

Making progress. Moths  identified by Tonya Treichel Albers. We became friend on Facebook. Tonya located the moth at http://BugGuide.Net

Photo on right has been identified by Tonya Treichel Albers. She suggested moth as Friendly Probole Moth – Probole amicaria

I am thrilled to have her assistance in identifying the two mystery moth species. Thank you Tonya.

help identify please

help identify please

Xanthotype urticaria (Geometridae) is last moth photo identified by Tonya Treichel Albers. the common name for this moth is false crocus geometer.

Thank you,

Mary Ellen Ryall


My Books: My Name is Butterfly, The Monarch Butterfly Coloring Book available at Amazon

Give a hand and help children read books in Fiji

Dear friends,

Even a dollar can go a long way when combined with another dollar that someone else contributed to help ship books to impoverished Viwa Islands, Fiji. Michele Darmanin has taken the cause up in 2012 and has already had one successful shipment to school children om Viwa Island, Fiji.

It turns out that other impovershed schools on Fiji islands want books for non existing school libraries also. Michele has received books from around the world. This is one piece of the puzzle. The other part is the books need to be shipped and it costs thousands of dollars to do so. Michele estimated shipping at $2,000. The ship leaves in March and she needs to raise necessary funds to ship then.

Can you please give her a hand. Michele is not asking for the moon only a small donation that would brighten the lives of children who will never otherwise see the world as a place of beauty and joy. If they don’t read books that educate, how will they be productive citizens in the future?

We can do our part. I shipped two different books over the past year. I made a small financial donation of $5.00. I know it is nothing, but if you all contribute $5 or more, then it will grow and take wing, just like the butterfly.

Let’s make Michelle smile today. She is under a lot of pressure to get thousands of books shipped on pallets. Let’s give her a hand at

Click on this link:
gogetfunding.com/project/please-help-us- ship-books-to-15-…
Please support this genuine cause and share with your friends.
For more information, please contact Shelly at:
Mobile: 0405 326 080 (anytime)
www.facebook.com/DonateABookToTheSchoolC hildrenOfFiji?ref=hl
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Speaking about pollinators

February 12,  2013 – I had the great pleasure of giving a talk to Fitchburg Rotary Club at the Fay Club, Main Street. It was a wonderfully attended lunch meeting, with a chef prepared meal of broiled Brussels sprouts, thin spaghetti with veggie sauce. There was also a beautiful salad, a meat selection and roasted potatoes with skins.

The talk was about pollinators. The audience had lots of questions; I was delighted to answer them and was encouraged to learn that individuals want to be part of the solution. Postcards and business cards were distributed. I even met an elder retired teacher who taught lower grades years ago. She is ordering the books on Amazon and told me how much she enjoyed the talk. Books: My Name is Butterfly at http://www.amazon.com/Name-Butterfly-Mary-Ellen-Ryall/dp/0981694993/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1360979644&sr=1-2&keywords=My+Name+is+Butterfly 

My Name is Butterfly

My Name is Butterfly








and The Monarch Butterfly Coloring Book at http://www.amazon.com/Monarch-Butterfly-Coloring-Book-2013/dp/1481952056/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1360979744&sr=1-3&keywords=The+Monarch+Butterfly+Coloring+Book

Cover design by Cindy Dyer

Cover design by Cindy Dyer


I am terribly happy that I relocated to Fitchburg, in the fall of 2012. I see so much good work going forward from groups such as Fitchburg Rotary Club. With “Can Do” people like this, Fitchburg in its re-urbanization, can grow in its efforts towards a  Higher Purpose.

This is also known as the “Butterfly Effect.” Do good work; it’s like a pebble in a stream, it just resonates out.

Learning through classes and a great teacher

I am taking a book marketing course from Rivka Kawano, New Media Design Studios. I got completely lost today trying to figure out how to make my Facebook page for Butterfly Woman Publishing easier to follow. 

Rivka came in and was able to make the changes. This will enable Blog visitors to follow and like my Facebook page at facebook.com/ButterflyWomanPublishing Hope this helps. 

Doing something for someone else besides ourselves

Recently I had the opportunity to respond to a request from St. Bernards Church in Fitchburg, MA. Haitian Outreach Update requested that I send a few coloring books to impoverished children on Haili.

Cover design by Cindy Dyer

Cover design by Cindy Dyer

I learned that there are no monarch butterflies on the Island. I thought the children would get a lot of pleasure from the coloring books. The organizers said they had donation of crayons.

Can you image being so impoverished that a child doesn’t even have a coloring book? Imagine a child’s joy when the pages are opened in the book and a big beautiful butterfly is ready to be born and colored.

Great Joy can be waves of positive energy make the World a better place, when we do something for some one else or another species be it plant, insect or animal.

Writing and Community Events

This weekend I was busy writing an article for a new magazine. I don’t want to talk about it at present, at least until the quarterly magazine is published.

That was fun.

My Name is Butterfly

My Name is Butterfly

I will be selling one of my books, My Name is Butterfly, Farmers Market at Fitchburg Art Museum.

February 7, 4 pm – 7 pm

The Monarch Butterfly Coloring Book is on order. The winter event is an interesting time for food shoppers and crafters alike. There is always something new and exciting happening at the museum. Nick Capasso, Director, will be greeting visitors. Capasso recently came on board and wants to get to know the community. 

I feel pretty confident that Vee Lashua, organic farmer, will be selling award winning chili. I tried it last month and I am coming back for more.  It is absolutely delicious. Wish I had more details. I heard there might be music, but don’t hold me to it.

If you are in the area, stop on by. FREE admission to Fitchburg Art Museum on First Thursday. What a wonderful opportunity to  come out and enjoy art, culture and to support our local farmers. Kindred spirits meet each; old friends enjoy meeting new people.

Local farmers support local food security.