Going digital

Good day writers and friends,

I don’t know about you, but I am learning as much as I can about digital publishing and book marketing as possible. At 67 years of age, I find it a challenge. Being dyslexic makes the journey even more of a challenge.

Good thing I am stubborn. My mother once told me, “When the angels gave out patience they forgot to give you any.”

I read Let’s Get Digital by David Gaughran. It it an excellent guidebook on the ins and outs of self-publishing. There was much to absorb in the book. I ended up making copies of pages I want to follow-up on. I also added some new writers to follow on my Twitter account.

The book is about how to self-publish, and why you should.

I highly recommend the book.

Be happy Butterfly Woman friends.



Give a hand and help children read books in Fiji

Dear friends,

Even a dollar can go a long way when combined with another dollar that someone else contributed to help ship books to impoverished Viwa Islands, Fiji. Michele Darmanin has taken the cause up in 2012 and has already had one successful shipment to school children om Viwa Island, Fiji.

It turns out that other impovershed schools on Fiji islands want books for non existing school libraries also. Michele has received books from around the world. This is one piece of the puzzle. The other part is the books need to be shipped and it costs thousands of dollars to do so. Michele estimated shipping at $2,000. The ship leaves in March and she needs to raise necessary funds to ship then.

Can you please give her a hand. Michele is not asking for the moon only a small donation that would brighten the lives of children who will never otherwise see the world as a place of beauty and joy. If they don’t read books that educate, how will they be productive citizens in the future?

We can do our part. I shipped two different books over the past year. I made a small financial donation of $5.00. I know it is nothing, but if you all contribute $5 or more, then it will grow and take wing, just like the butterfly.

Let’s make Michelle smile today. She is under a lot of pressure to get thousands of books shipped on pallets. Let’s give her a hand at

Click on this link:
gogetfunding.com/project/please-help-us- ship-books-to-15-…
Please support this genuine cause and share with your friends.
For more information, please contact Shelly at:
Mobile: 0405 326 080 (anytime)
www.facebook.com/DonateABookToTheSchoolC hildrenOfFiji?ref=hl
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Children’s Book Clubs Are Reading My Name is Butterfly

My Name is Butterfly offers book clubs the opportunity to learn environmental education. The children’s book is set in a garden where a young girl discovers a monarch butterfly.

Children’s Book Clubs Are Reading My Name is Butterfly

PressReleasesHQ.com / January 21, 2013 — Book Club Reading List today announced that My Name is Butterfly has joined its growing list of titles from which book clubs can schedule the author to attend their meetings. Every quarter, Book Club Reading List disseminates a newsletter to book clubs around the country notifying them of authors that have joined their program. My Name is Butterfly offers book clubs the opportunity to learn environmental education. The children’s book is set in a garden where a young girl discovers a monarch butterfly.

Ms. Ryall has made herself available by phone and in-person (when available) to attend book club gatherings and discuss her novel, My Name is Butterfly. To view more information about her book or learn how to schedule a time with Ms. Ryall, please visit her book’s page on Book Club Reading List –http://bookclubreading.com/my-name-is-butterfly/.

About My Name is Butterfly

Discover the wonders of a monarch butterfly through the eyes of a young girl. Sarah finds a monarch butterfly. She witnesses the butterfly laying eggs on milkweed, the host plant, and the adventure begins. The butterfly teaches the young girl about its life cycle.

via Children’s Book Clubs Are Reading My Name is Butterfly.

Kristi’s Book Nook reviews my book about butterfly

Dear publishing friends,

Cassie, the model in book.

Cassie, the model in book.

I am honored that Kristi Benard did a review of my book, “My Name is Butterfly.” If you are a published author and want a children’s book reviewed, contact Kristi at Kristi’s Book Nook at http://kristisbooknook.blogspot.com/

I am noting the review below:

Read in April, 2012
format Paperback (edit)
review 5.0 out of 5 stars Kristi’s Book Nook, April 7, 2012
Kristi Bernard (Overland Park, KS) – See all my reviews
This review is from: My Name is Butterfly (Paperback)
Children love learning about the insects that share our world. And now that Spring is here somewhat early, the insects are busier than ever. If you have a garden full of beautiful flowers, you will soon see butterflies everywhere. Butterflies love flowers. This wonderful story will introduce young readers to the life of a monarch butterfly. Everything you would want to know is right here on these pages.Sarah Reynolds and her mom have a beautiful garden. It is free of pesticides that would be harmful to the plants and butterflies. Sarah’s garden has a very special plant called a milkweed. Sarah learns from her mother that monarch butterflies lay their eggs on milkweed so that baby caterpillars will have food once they hatch from eggs. The babies eat the milkweed leaves. Sarah learns a lot from her mom about the monarch butterfly. Did you know that another name for a caterpillar is larva? Did you know that a butterfly pupa has a protective shell called a chrysalis? There is lots more for young readers to learn about this amazing insect.Ryall has done an excellent job of sharing her passion for butterflies. She has woven interesting facts about the monarch in an easy to read, colorfully illustrated book. Young readers, parents and teachers will have fun learning about the monarch. Young readers will be anxious to visit their own back yards on a search for the monarch butterfly.

About the author:
Mary Ellen Ryall grew up in Saratoga Springs, New York. In pursuit of butterflies, she worked and traveled in south America in the 1970s. In the 1980s Ryall completed the Master Gardeners Program, University of the District of Columbia, and became involved with community gardens. Living in Southern Maryland in the 1990s, she wrote about the environment and founded Happy Tonics. In 2006 Ryall relocated the organization to Shell Lake, Wisconsin where she spearheaded the implementation of a Monarch Butterfly Habitat.

Friends and Visitors come to see me while in DC metro area

Helen Burson copyright Mary Ellen Ryall

Helen Burson copyright Mary Ellen Ryall

I was honored that Helen Burson came to see me at Joy Lane Healing Center, Hollowood, MD. She traveled down to So. MD from Waldorf, MD. I hadn’t seen her since I moved to Wisconsin in December 2000.

I spoke to a limited number of people about my work with Happy Tonics, the creation of a Monarch Butterfly Habitat in Shell Lake, WI, and the publishing of my book My Name is Butterfly. The book was published by Salt of the Earth Press and is available on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Name-Butterfly-Mary-Ellen-Ryall/dp/0981694993 It was a networking trip from Northwest Wisconsin.

Lynda Ireland and Deneen Stambone

Lynda Ireland and Deneen Stambone

Lynda Ireland came over to St. Mary’s county from Calvert county, Maryland. I was thrilled to see her again. We chat on the phone a lot. Lynda raises horses in St. Leonard where she has a farm. My friend, Deneen Stambone, drove me to So. MD three times while I was a guest at her home in Springfield, VA. Believe me, it was a sacrifice on her part. The trip took two hours each way.  I am grateful to her for driving me to different locations.

Book cover My Name is Butterfly

Book cover My Name is Butterfly

I was a scheduled speaker at  Calvert Pines Senior Center, Prince Frederick, MD and at Carol Marcy’s Joy Lane Healing Center, Hollywood, MD. I also needed to network with gift shop owners at museums and botanical gardens about my book. We  visited Gwen Northcutt and Mary Carrol, Asbury Retirement Community, at Solomon’s.  Martha Canfield, manager, called from the gift ship when I returned to WI. She confirmed an order of the book for the gift ship.

Friends are more precious than gold. They are there when you need them.

On the wings of butterflies

NOTE: For some reason I am unable at present to double space part of this message. It was cut and pasted to WordPress from Facebook post. Sorry!
Book project request from Michele Darmanin
PROJECT: Donate A Book to the Viwa Island District School, Fiji
I would like to ask for your support with our project in helping the school children located on Viwa Island, Fiji.
“Learned through Google that Fiji has the monarch butterfly in residence. Naturally I sent my book, My Name is Butterfly, to Michele. It is about the life cycle of the butterfly. Story is about a girl in her garden who discovers a monarch caterpillar.  Author,” Mary Ellen Ryall.
This tiny island community is approximately 48 nautical miles northwest of Denarau, it is the most western island located at the bottom of the Yasawa Group.

To travel to Viwa Island it takes two boat trips and 3.5 hours to arrive on their tiny remote island.

Viwa Island has two small village communities and their children attend their island schools.

The main school educates approximately 66 children from Kindergarten through to Year 6, on the other side of the island they have a tiny school with 6 kindergarten children only.

This small island school provides their children with the opportunity to obtain an education whilst living on their isolated island home.

I believe it is absolutely essential for the Viwa Island children to have access to quality books so they might improve their english, reading and writing skills so in turn will ultimately assist them in gaining access to higher education or employment opportunities once they finish their schooling on the island.

By way of background this project began with a small idea wanting to help the school children of Viwa Island to receive quality books they cant afford to buy themselves.

I am not involved with any charity or connected to any organisations.

The plain simple truth is I am wife, a mother of two grown up children and currently unemployed.

My husband and I visited Viwa Island for the time in November last year.

When we returned home to Sydney we decided to organise two boxes of books to be sent to the school before Christmas.

We received positive feedback from the teachers and students, they were absolutely delighted to receive a 130 second hand reading books to add to their tiny library.

We would greatly appreciate your support and participation with this project in making a difference for the school children of Viwa Island.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I thank you in advance for considering my request and look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards
Mrs Michele Darmanin
Mobile: 0405 326 080
Email: heart2heartsydney@yahoo.com.au
LinkedIn: http://au.linkedin.com/pub/michele-darmanin/49/594/583