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Fat Bumble DSCF4599 5x7 copyright Cindy Dyer

Fat Bumble DSCF4599 5×7 copyright Cindy Dyer

Photo of wild bergamot and western sunflower with beloved bumblebee copyright Cindy Dyer

Speaking about pollinators

February 12,  2013 – I had the great pleasure of giving a talk to Fitchburg Rotary Club at the Fay Club, Main Street. It was a wonderfully attended lunch meeting, with a chef prepared meal of broiled Brussels sprouts, thin spaghetti with veggie sauce. There was also a beautiful salad, a meat selection and roasted potatoes with skins.

The talk was about pollinators. The audience had lots of questions; I was delighted to answer them and was encouraged to learn that individuals want to be part of the solution. Postcards and business cards were distributed. I even met an elder retired teacher who taught lower grades years ago. She is ordering the books on Amazon and told me how much she enjoyed the talk. Books: My Name is Butterfly at 

My Name is Butterfly

My Name is Butterfly








and The Monarch Butterfly Coloring Book at

Cover design by Cindy Dyer

Cover design by Cindy Dyer


I am terribly happy that I relocated to Fitchburg, in the fall of 2012. I see so much good work going forward from groups such as Fitchburg Rotary Club. With “Can Do” people like this, Fitchburg in its re-urbanization, can grow in its efforts towards a  Higher Purpose.

This is also known as the “Butterfly Effect.” Do good work; it’s like a pebble in a stream, it just resonates out.