A Mother

A Mother

by Father Keith Mason

As God planned for all creations

In those days of genesis

He Instituted qualities

Of sweetness and of bliss!

God lifted veils of darkness

As He pondered what should be –

As birth evolves through water,

God made one common sea!

To continents HE then gave birth,

He planted trees and flowers;

He gave the earth some animals

And rained some warm spring showers!

When God he finished all that work,

He raised His eyes in wonder –

That His creation, beautiful,

No force aspire to plunder!

He moved the gates of Heaven – in love –

He breathed life to another;

From deep inside His caring heart,

God gave the world – a Mother!

Source: “A Medley of Words,” published by The Joys of Writing Group, Fitchburg Senior Center, 2012