New Wanderings

Can you see my gardening companion among the lettuce? It was a very hot day last summer and a little creature came to rest in the cool damp soil hidden by leaves. Do you know what it is?

While you pause and think about it, I will share this little ditty.

I am listening to which I love. Paste the link into your browser. I bet you will love Hearts of Space too. This music helps me to write. OK, now back to the little quiz.

Last summer I grew lettuce greens in a container. The container was set underneath a staghorn sumac tree for shade. I went outside and was about to pick some leaves to munch, when I noticed a small creature resting in the shade of the lettuce leaves.

It is an American toad
the only toad living in Wisconsin.

You bet I let my friend stay and enjoy a respite. I picked leaves later after the toad left. They might cause a skin irritant if you touch one. It is a chemical reaction to warn predictors away.

American toad copyright Mary Ellen Ryall

American toad copyright Mary Ellen Ryall