Friends and Visitors come to see me while in DC metro area

Helen Burson copyright Mary Ellen Ryall

Helen Burson copyright Mary Ellen Ryall

I was honored that Helen Burson came to see me at Joy Lane Healing Center, Hollowood, MD. She traveled down to So. MD from Waldorf, MD. I hadn’t seen her since I moved to Wisconsin in December 2000.

I spoke to a limited number of people about my work with Happy Tonics, the creation of a Monarch Butterfly Habitat in Shell Lake, WI, and the publishing of my book My Name is Butterfly. The book was published by Salt of the Earth Press and is available on Amazon at It was a networking trip from Northwest Wisconsin.

Lynda Ireland and Deneen Stambone

Lynda Ireland and Deneen Stambone

Lynda Ireland came over to St. Mary’s county from Calvert county, Maryland. I was thrilled to see her again. We chat on the phone a lot. Lynda raises horses in St. Leonard where she has a farm. My friend, Deneen Stambone, drove me to So. MD three times while I was a guest at her home in Springfield, VA. Believe me, it was a sacrifice on her part. The trip took two hours each way.  I am grateful to her for driving me to different locations.

Book cover My Name is Butterfly

Book cover My Name is Butterfly

I was a scheduled speaker at  Calvert Pines Senior Center, Prince Frederick, MD and at Carol Marcy’s Joy Lane Healing Center, Hollywood, MD. I also needed to network with gift shop owners at museums and botanical gardens about my book. We  visited Gwen Northcutt and Mary Carrol, Asbury Retirement Community, at Solomon’s.  Martha Canfield, manager, called from the gift ship when I returned to WI. She confirmed an order of the book for the gift ship.

Friends are more precious than gold. They are there when you need them.

Flying to DC from Milwaukee for Book Tour

Dear Butterfly Friends,

I am doing a Book Tour over the next week, starting tomorrow – in and around Washington, DC. My Book, My Name is Butterfly, was published by Salt of the Earth Press in 2011. It took me nearly a year before I had time to start marketing the book. You see, I have been busy as Executive Director of a nonprofit environmetal education organization and public charity. Happy Tonics, has had quite a busy year in 2011. By end of 2012, I retire as CEO of the nonprofit and anticipate that I will have more time for writing and publishing.

It is a honor to be asked to speak at several events and places in So. Maryland.  I am in Milwaukee and in a few hours, I fly to DC. March 31, I will speak at Joy Lane Healing Center at 4 p.m. Dr. Carol Marcy, owns the Healing Center and expansive lands surrounding the center. It was here where the first indication of my butterfly future began to flutter again in 1999. Never did I dream that by following my dream to come to WI that I would become Butterfly Woman. This is my Ojibwa spirit name. I was given this name in a Naming Ceremony. The monarch is a butterfly of transformation. I not only witnessed this life change in the monarch but also within myself. Visit Joy Lane Healing Center at

April 2, I will be in Prince Frederick and speak to seniors at the Calvert Pines Senior Center at 12:30 p.m. I once lived in Calvert County and am delighted to connect to new and old friends here.  Visit at

April 7, I will be a guest at a Meet the Author event at Leonardtown, MD. If any of you live near Leonardtown, I invite you to come to The Good Earth Natural Food Company. It is a great pleasure to reconnect with Valerie, store owner, and new and old friends. I will be doing a book signing from 9:30 a.m. – 12 noon.

Marketing and Events specialist in So. MD promoting my book


My Name is Butterfly

Greetings insectamonarca friends,

Lynda Ireland, Marketing and Events volunteer has sent out 101 post cards, to businesses and schools in St. Mary’s and Calvert County, recommending that they purchase a copy of My Name is Butterfly.


At present we have no way of tracking a cost benefit analysis. The only thing I can suggest to the publisher, Salt of the Earth Press, is to track sales on Amazon. If book is being shipped to So. MD then perhaps we will be able to track sales and know if this marketing technique is worth the cost.

If you are an  author, illustrator, graphic artist or publisher do you have any suggestions as to how to market a Children’s illustrated book? The charming book is about a girl in her garden who discovers a monarch butterfly chrysalis and learns about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly.

At present, the author is advertising and marketing on Facebook, education and environment categories.

Let’s put our heads together and launch a buzzing conversation that may help other authors also.