Into the past

dollhouses 017Feeling bored at my house, I walked down the street and rang my friend’s door bell. After a few minutes, I heard someone coming towards the door. Sarah, my friend, peeked through the lace curtains, before opening the door. I asked, “Sarah, do you want to come out and play?”


dollhouses 015Sarah, with a bored look on her face replied, “No, I don’t want to play outside today.” Then I ventured to ask, “Can we play with your dollhouses instead?” Without saying a word, Sarah with a sigh opened the door. Her house was very special to me. Sarah’s mother was an antique dealer and worked in an antique shop in a local historical hotel gift shop. I was always mindful that young friends had to be careful in Sarah’s house, least a precious antique glass piece be damaged.

The staircase to the second floor had wonderful posh carpeting and where a footstep was never heard. A large window at the landing displayed colorful glass vases that twinkled when the sun played on the glass. I loved that staircase. It felt elegant to a young child who grew up in a chaotic home. My friend on the other hand, found the very idea of a staircase being special quite boring. She disliked living in a museum where art pieces were more precious than the people within.

dollhouses 024Downstairs we would go to the finished basement where two dollhouses resided. Sarah preferred to play with the ranch style house. I, on the other hand, loved to play with the Victorian Dollhouse. There was something comforting in being surrounded by all things old fashioned. Here is another glimpse into the world of old fashioned Victorian dollhouses.

Yesterday Carol and I visited the Historical Society’s Christmas display, in Fitchburg, MA. We walked down Main Street, with our canes, in the falling snow. Neither of us had dollhouses when we were children. We were enthralled with the exhibit. Barbara Norton, a 90-year-old, made many of the Victorian dollhouse textiles. She made clothing, doilies on furniture, drapes on windows and many other handmade textiles in the dollhouses.

Happy holidays! dollhouses 026

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