Sunday with Hearts of Space and books about writing

Sunday morning I look forward to Hearts of Space’s new music program for the week. This week’s program is called Crystal Cosmos. I love this music and I subscribe to the radio station broadcast on a yearly basis. You can hear the music for free on Sundays if you wish at

This morning I read a post on Facebook asking what books I liked about writing? My answer was The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White. For some reason, I couldn’t recall another book that I love, Eat, Shoots and Leaves. I have the book somewhere but couldn’t find it this morning. Therefore I ordered it on Amazon.

My publisher Lindy Casey, Salt of the Earth Press, mentioned that she loved Stephen King’s book: On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. I have not read it even though it was published in 2000. Gees am I ever behind the times. I ordered the book on Amazon and expect I will be reading it within two weeks.

Right now my house is undergoing a restoration. All the windows and doors are being replaced with heat saving forest green windows and doors. It looks so Up North with its chocolate painted redwood house. I love it. I need to replace 11 trees that were blown down on July 1, 100 mph winds. I can see the property with more evergreen spruce trees. Even though I am dedicated to creating a native edible landscape. I can visually see the green landscape that I wish to create.

My writing comes from imagination and creativity. I envision the landscape and what I want to do. Then I co-create it. Somehow this is easier writing for me at the moment than sitting down to do a writing project, Field Guide for the Monarch Butterfly Habitat.



With my house full of contractors, I can’t work in my office right now, outside of sneaking into the office at night to type a little and answer emails. Soon the job will be completed and I can put my house back in order. Do you know how difficult it is to write when the house is all tore up? My brain just doesn’t function well under these circumstances. It will take me a few days to put all the furniture back in place, paintings up and restore the books to book shelves. Right now they are sitting in the middle of the living room in boxes.

Well writing friends, that’s it for today. Happy Sunday from a far away place in Northwest Wisconsin.