Lori Pirone a young Visual Artist in Brooklyn, NY creates Video

Lori Pirone, Brooklyn, NY, and I spoke sometime after August 26, 2011. She had read my book My Name is Butterfly online through Amazon. Lori asked my advice about publishing and she mailed me a copy of her work titled Transform. The Visual Art script wanted critiquing . I read it and gave a few suggestions about the content in its relationship to butterflies.

I suggested Lori learn how to create a Blog in order to start publishing. She created a Visual Arts Blog that expresses her complex thoughts and added visual art, music and poetry to the mix. I am amazed at how quickly she adapted and is using media. poetry and music to create Resurrection. I am enchanted with her work.

It reminds me of youth today of which Lori is one. They are questioning what the world has to offer them and future generations? I can feel their questions about society. There is a disconnect between what youth of today are experiencing in a global economic meltdown and what 1 percent of the population experiences in  an economic divide.  I think perhaps Resurrection speaks to the Occupy Movement.

Many kindred spirits are connected in a spider web of primitive knowledge. We have resonated the vibration and learned much from ancestors and Native Americans who have co-existed along side of dominant society for hundreds if not thousands of years. They do not assimilate and either do we.

We are all connected to each other and the forest, plants, fish, birds, animals, water and sky. We are all part of a primitive Earth that is a virtual Garden of Eden. We want to preserve it and leave a footprint of peace, economic wellness and nature for future generations.

I believe that Lori is just at the tip of sharing her introspection of the world through her eyes and Visual Arts . I expect great things of her. This young woman is talented. Keep your eye on Lori and her Blog at http://restoreconsciousness.blogspot.com/2011/11/starhorizon-on-line-mini-series-to.html