Sharing Willy Whitefeather’s Books with Writers

I was delighted to hear from Stephenie who wrote a comment about Willy Whitefeather’s books. I read the reviews of his books and how children have learned survival skills from Outdoor Survival Handbook for Kids. According to newspaper article, an eight year old girl was able to survive a car accident because of the lessons of the book.  I suggest you go to to learn more about his books.

I just bought the above mentioned book. I also bought River Book for Kids. On June 11, Family Festival,  11 a.m. – 3 p.m. will take place in Spooner, Wisconsin. I was invited as a guest author;  I will read my book and hope to read Willy Whitefeather’s books also.

His stories bring a new vision to children’s books. I find his message to be imperative. Fellow writers, authors, publishers, marketing folks, editors, and proofreaders, let me know what you think. Here is a video that was produced by Willy Whitefeather at

Good writing and reading to you,

Mary Ellen Ryall
Author, “My Name is Butterfly.”