Book Marketing: Develop A Book Marketing Plan | Book Club Reading List

Book Marketing: Develop A Book Marketing Plan | Book Club Reading List.

All book authors need to learn book marketing. I found this out the hard way. I had no previous experience with book marketing and couldn’t rely solely on a publisher. Learning book marketing skills is imperative to get books to the market. I am delighted that LinkedIn has Writers Groups that focus on these important issues.

I signed up for a email marketing class with The Company Corp. and a 12 week Webinar course with Rivka Kawano, a book marketer and partner in a media company. I have met Rivka. She did an wonderful book review of my first book “My Name is Butterfly.” Rivka even came to WI to meet me. She is good if any of you other writers are looking at learning how to sell your book.

Happy book marketing Butterfly Woman Publishing friends.


Rivka Kawano interviews Guy Kawasaki via Webinar

December 14 – Rivka Kawano, Beautiful Books for Children, offered a Webinar with Guy Kawasaki. The interviewer invited the audience to participate with speaker regarding writing an eBook. Guy gave his listeners many innovative ideas for publishing an eBook. His book APE was interviewed by Forbes recently at:

You can listen in on the interview with Guy Kawasaki at

After the program, I went on Amazon and downloaded Kindle on my PC. Then I ordered APE an eBook. Check out to learn about Joe Kawano’s company. Rivka and Joe work in the media field.

Rivka Kawano

Rivka Kawano

Rivka Kawano is a children’s book marketer. I have worked with her over the past year and plan to work with her a lot more in 2013. You can contact her at

Learn about her Website at

Happy publishing butterfly friends where ever you are.