Doing something for someone else besides ourselves

Recently I had the opportunity to respond to a request from St. Bernards Church in Fitchburg, MA. Haitian Outreach Update requested that I send a few coloring books to impoverished children on Haili.

Cover design by Cindy Dyer

Cover design by Cindy Dyer

I learned that there are no monarch butterflies on the Island. I thought the children would get a lot of pleasure from the coloring books. The organizers said they had donation of crayons.

Can you image being so impoverished that a child doesn’t even have a coloring book? Imagine a child’s joy when the pages are opened in the book and a big beautiful butterfly is ready to be born and colored.

Great Joy can be waves of positive energy make the World a better place, when we do something for some one else or another species be it plant, insect or animal.

First Thursday January 3 Fitchburg Massachusetts

Welcome aboard.

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January 3 – Fitchburg Farmers Market at Fitchburg Art Museum will take place from 4 p.m. – 7 p.m. I feel fortunate to be invited as a member to join the association this evening.  I will be selling my books tonight at the once a month function. I will bring camera to take some photos and share folk stories afterwards of the very people who are making wonderful changes right here in Fitchburg, MA.

At 7 p.m. the First Thursday Fitchburg Drum Circle will meet at First Parish Church.

Hope Butterfly Woman friends are kicking up their heels in the  New Year.

International Book Review gives Monarch Butterfly Coloring Book Five Stars

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant Educational Coloring Book about the Monarch Butterly,December 29, 2012

Cover design by Cindy Dyer

The Monarch Butterfly Coloring Book

This review is from: The Monarch Butterfly Coloring Book (Volume 1) (Paperback)

Mary Ellen Ryall’s delightful coloring book contains easy to read educational information, a glossary at the back, simple illustrations all about the majestic Monarch Butterfly. It is important to note this is not just a colouring book because it has been written with a great deal of love and passion for the continued survival of this species. If you know of any child who has an interest in nature or butterflies then make sure you give this inexpensive but value gift to them to treasure. It surely will give a new appreciation of this unique insect such as the Monarch Butterfly as it goes through its amazing transformation from a pupa to a beautiful winged butterfly.