Finally settling in Fitchburg, Massachusetts

It has been an ordeal that I don’t ever want to repeat. Cleaning out a house, basement and garage of  a life time of accumulation is enough for anyone to learn the lesson, “Less is Best.”

The computer, phone, printer and copier are all ready to go now. I joined a writers group at Fitchburg Senior Center. They are happy to produce a book of their writings and are satisfied with that. Me, I like marketing and getting my books out to the public. Not sure how long I will spend with the group. I am ordering The Monarch Butterfly Coloring Book, my book, to send to Michelle Darmanin, Australia. She lovingly organized  an event for authors to contribute children’s books for an impoverished school at Viwa Island, Fiji in 2012. I can’t say enough about Michelle and her husband Michael. They have been unselfish in orchestrating the project with contributing authors from not only Australia, but from the United States and other countries also.

Michelle is starting another book drive for other schools on Viwa Island.

Apenisa Rokobaro

Apenisa Rokobaro

“Sharing this post from my FB friend – Apenisa Rokobaro.

“Michele Darmanin…she has done a wonderful job/project in providing books for the Island of Viwa-(Yasawa)…now Michele and her husband and some of her friends are embarking on similar project on a bigger scale…with your help and your friends help,we-(all of us) would hope to donate a book-(or two or three or a box would be greatly appreciated)…that combine would add up,and Michele is targeting some of the Schools in Fiji that has never received any assistance in terms of Library books…kerekere…get your fingers working and ring up your friends or share this post on FB,Twitter,LinkedIn,Google+ or other social networking sites you have your friends in….Vina Du Rixi”

If any of you authors out there write children’s book, you may wish to contact Michelle directly through Facebook. We know that children’s education is what can lead to a better and more successful life. Let’s put our hearts into having a hand in making the world a better place for those less fortunate than ourselves.
Be well Butterfly Woman Publishing friends where ever you are.


On the wings of butterflies

NOTE: For some reason I am unable at present to double space part of this message. It was cut and pasted to WordPress from Facebook post. Sorry!
Book project request from Michele Darmanin
PROJECT: Donate A Book to the Viwa Island District School, Fiji
I would like to ask for your support with our project in helping the school children located on Viwa Island, Fiji.
“Learned through Google that Fiji has the monarch butterfly in residence. Naturally I sent my book, My Name is Butterfly, to Michele. It is about the life cycle of the butterfly. Story is about a girl in her garden who discovers a monarch caterpillar.  Author,” Mary Ellen Ryall.
This tiny island community is approximately 48 nautical miles northwest of Denarau, it is the most western island located at the bottom of the Yasawa Group.

To travel to Viwa Island it takes two boat trips and 3.5 hours to arrive on their tiny remote island.

Viwa Island has two small village communities and their children attend their island schools.

The main school educates approximately 66 children from Kindergarten through to Year 6, on the other side of the island they have a tiny school with 6 kindergarten children only.

This small island school provides their children with the opportunity to obtain an education whilst living on their isolated island home.

I believe it is absolutely essential for the Viwa Island children to have access to quality books so they might improve their english, reading and writing skills so in turn will ultimately assist them in gaining access to higher education or employment opportunities once they finish their schooling on the island.

By way of background this project began with a small idea wanting to help the school children of Viwa Island to receive quality books they cant afford to buy themselves.

I am not involved with any charity or connected to any organisations.

The plain simple truth is I am wife, a mother of two grown up children and currently unemployed.

My husband and I visited Viwa Island for the time in November last year.

When we returned home to Sydney we decided to organise two boxes of books to be sent to the school before Christmas.

We received positive feedback from the teachers and students, they were absolutely delighted to receive a 130 second hand reading books to add to their tiny library.

We would greatly appreciate your support and participation with this project in making a difference for the school children of Viwa Island.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I thank you in advance for considering my request and look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards
Mrs Michele Darmanin
Mobile: 0405 326 080