I am very grateful to Morgen Bailey

Dear Readers,

I visited Morgen Bailey’s Blog and asked if she did book reviews. She said, no; however, she invited me to post my book on the Books- Other Peoples page at http://morgenbailey.wordpress.com/books-other-peoples/

I am thankful that Morgen gave my book My Name is Butterfly notice in the UK. Those who click on my book will go automatically to Amazon where they can purchase the book directly. I in turn am promoting Morgen Bailey. Writers may gain insight to writing ideas from her Blog. Morgen says, “Thank you for visiting and do pop by the blog regularly for updated contents” at http://morgenbailey.wordpress.com

Morgen is located in Northampton, England. She handled my request within an hour of us meeting each other through her Blog on WordPress. She was fast in getting back to me that my request to have my book on the Books – Other Peoples page was done.

I plan to spend more time at her Blog learning more about the craft of writing. When someone is this kindly spirited, I feel I have something to learn. I hope you too will enjoy meeting Morgen.

Write on,

Mary Ellen

p.s. Recently Morgen emailed and suggested I correct some spelling errors. Thank you Morgen. I am dyslexic and often do not see misspellings, even when I proof a job. The learning disability gets worse as I age. As a writer and published author, I am grateful to editors who are kind. Morgen is one of those rare individuals who not only have writing, interviewing and editing talent but also possesses  tactfulness when dealing with “sensitive” writers.